About Us.

BCM is an innovative

    community based informal Justice Model

This model was developed as an alternative justice mechanism to enhance access to justice for the poor and most vulnerable communities.

Bataka Courts are more ac¬cessible to poor and disadvan¬taged people. The model provides quick, cheap and culturally relevant remedies since the court sessions are close to the homes of the people who fall within their ju¬risdiction.

Besides Justice Service being free and affordable, the problem is viewed as relating to the whole community as a group in which decisions are based on a process of participation of everyone in the com­munity present at the court session.

Under Bataka Court Model the enforcement of decisions and judgments are immediate and secured through social cohesion and manageable social sanctions.

How BCM Is Unique

  • Guarantees Trust- Free from corruption
  • Judgment is prompt and instant (24 hours)
  • Remedies are simple e.g ‘Ekita Kya’bataka’ (citizen’s gourd of brew), MoU, restitution, and community service.
  • BC is facilitated by all inclusive gender focused penal of elders to dispense justice and resolve conflicts.
  • BC focuses on reconciliation and restoring social harmony than retribution.
  • Right of Recourse to formal justice system
  • Develop tools handbook/Operational Manual

BCM Simple Rules of evidence

  • Testimonies are given in local languages
  • In case of need for interpreter the members will select amongst themselves
  • All parties must be given fair hearing and the purposes of fairness – No Exe-parte Judgment

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