About Bataka Courts Model

BCM is an innovative community based informal Justice Model that was developed as an alternative justice mechanism to enhance access to justice for the poor and most vulnerable communities. It derives its operations from the informal justice systems that many African societies used before the coming of the formal system.

Our Mission is

To become an alternative self-sustaining access to justice model providing quality, accessible and affordable informal justice services to the poor and vulnerable community members

Our Objectives are

  1. Provide quality, accessible and affordable informal justice services to poor and vulnerable community members.
  2. Strengthen linkages between the existing informal justice systems and the formal justice systems
  3. Increase community awareness and participation in delivery of justice for community members
  4. Be a centre and reference point for reliable data on operations of informal justice systems in Uganda and Africa

BCM Impact

Bataka Courts Model has registered significant impact since inception


Since inception 2014, BCs handled 6,353 cases benefiting 36,000 people estimated saving the communities 30,6000,000,000 ( on Avg 850,000= @ matter )

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Reduced the backlog at LC3 Courts by 50%

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Achieved 56% referral rate i.e. 60 cases referred from G1 magistrates’ Court, 56 cases from Police, 42 cases from LCs

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Achieved case completion rate of 98%

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Reduced crime rate in the areas of operation from 84% in 2012 to 26% by June 2016

See also

A little more information about the Bataka Courts Model

See Why BCM is needed

Various studies have shown that there is a high prevalence of justice needs in Uganda. 

See how it works

Bataka Courts is a citizens’ led and driven model, facilitated by a panel of 7 elders selected by community members to dispense justice and resolve conflicts.

The BCM Model as a Product Service and its uniqueness

Bataka courts will be a model established within communities and closer to the people.



Joyce Kobusingye Story

 “I can’t believe how much I have saved, I am now happy that I did not sell anything to get justice like I did when my small piece of land was grabbed”, an excited Joyce Kobusingye a resident of Nyakasheema parish in Ruteete sub county narrates her story of joy.

Kobusingye is one of the many people who boast of the role Bataka court is contributing to poverty eradication in the district. She said that many residents used to spend a lot of the valuable time and money to buy justice which is no longer the case now with the Bataka courts. “At least I am happy that I did not spend any money and too much time to secure justice during my case against my neighbor over the orphans’ land boundary like it was last year” she said.  “Last year when my one-acre piece of land was grabbed by one rich man called Byaruhanga David, I spent over 2 million trying to secure it but failed. I actually sold another piece of land to raise money to facilitate the case, I lost time since every week I was supposed to go from one place to another, my children were no longer schooling because they were psychologically affected, we were hit by hunger because all the time was spent going to courts… but am very surprised and excited about Bataka Court because in one day my family is alive again” Kobusingye narrated her previous experience with the formal court system.


We are grateful for various organizations that have with us to make the vision of Bataka Court Model a reality.

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