BCM as a Product Service

Bataka courts will be a model established within communities and closer to the people. 


Value proposition

Quality and acceptability of decisions by the wider community will define its work. Largely, it will emphasize reconciliation and restoration of social harmony within communities using culturally relevant remedies that are affordable and accessible to the poor and vulnerable community members and, will always strive to promote active participation of community members. Quick delivery, quality and affordability of justice services will be key ingredients of the model.  


The Bataka courts as a Product Service and its uniqueness
  1. Receives, adjudicates, executes and reconciles
  2. Handles all manner of legal conflicts, referring criminal cases
  3. Provides quick and swift in delivery of justice (within 24 hours)
  4. Is a citizens’ led and driven model
  5. Sessions are affordable and held in an open with full participation of community members and proceedings are in local language.
  6. Can easily be replicated and scale up
  7. Links the informal with the formal justice systems
  8. Is an alternative option to formal justice system
  9. Guarantees Trust; given that the majority of Ugandans have trust in their local traditional mechanisms to resolve disputes
  10. Remedies are simple e.g ‘Ekita Kya’bataka’ (citizen’s gourd of brew), MoU, restitution, and community service.
  11. It focuses on reconciliation and restoring social harmony than retribution.
  12. Leads to reduction of backlog in the formal justice systems


Sources of revenue

Grants, impact donations, Model Licensing, Tailored needs and capacity building training services, sale of tailored tools/manuals, consultancies and analyzed and well documented data on informal justice systems in Uganda